Sophisticated, Unbiased Solutions®

It’s what Capitas does. It’s who Capitas is.

Developed and adopted at Capitas’ inception, Sophisticated, Unbiased Solutions® captures the essence of our mission.  As a true brokerage firm, Capitas is structured to provide objectivity.  Representing the leading insurance carriers in the industry not only assures a choice of top quality, sophisticated products and programs, but an unbiased approach allows Capitas to provide the right solutions to financial problems and opportunities.

Few financial firms are more focused on technical expertise than Capitas.  Leveraging the accumulated knowledge and experience of the individual wealth accumulation, management, and distribution practices of Capitas’ associates, Capitas provides solutions for virtually any estate planning scenario.  From insurance portfolio analysis to hypothetical modeling, Capitas combines proven techniques with cutting-edge processes.  Capitas contributes insurance expertise for the most sophisticated financial planning considerations.  This comprehensive and strategic approach to planning is the backbone of Capitas’ success.