04 - The Blair Agency

1401 South Brentwood Blvd.
Suite 500
St. Louis, MO 63144

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The Blair Agency offers the professional financial advisor one stop access to a broad spectrum of insurance products from the finest insurance carriers.  Since 1972, we have served the needs of brokers and advisors in Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and southwest Illinois with a full range of “value added” support resources to assist in properly integrating insurance products into an overall financial or estate plan.  Our staff provides expert point of sale assistance and a full service experienced back office.  The combination of our local service and support with the Capitas Financial network of member firms is unmatched in the insurance industry.  We are committed to your success.


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Meet the Blair Agency  |  The Blair Agency Office Directory & Full Directory  |  Life Insurance Planning Team  |  Sales and Marketing Platform  |  Capitas Value Proposition  |  The Blair Agency Sales Desk


Team Biographies 

Michael Blair  |  Tom Alexander & Jessica Ingram  |  Mark Haar & Michael Daugherty  |  Chuck Wold


Marketing Pieces and Concepts

FAQs About Life Insurance  |  Client Profile Chart  |  Selecting the Right Life Insurance Specialist


Life Happens Marketing Pieces

Protect Your Family's Financial Security  |  What Happens to Your Business When you Die  |  What You Need to Know About Life Insurance |  Think You No Longer Need Life Insurance  |  Term vs. Perm Comparison  |  Protection is Paramount


Life Insurance Resources

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Underwriting Resources

Bernie Connell, Senior Underwriting Consultant Biography  |  Formulas and Guidelines for Financial Underwriting  |  Medical Exam Checklist  |  Medical Exam Tips  |  Cover Letter Sample


Capitas Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) 

Capitas RIA Overview  |  Capitas RIA Fact Finder  |  Capitas RIA Who We Are  |  RIA Compensation Decision Tree  |  RIA Resources



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