National Services



Capitas Financial’s point-of-sale professionals work closely with advisors and agents to support the utilization and implementation of insurance for personal, business, estate and charitable planning solutions. Capitas’ sales professionals have a thorough knowledge of insurance and advanced planning techniques to assist advisors and their clients through a collaborative and consultative approach.

With more than 130 sales professionals working in markets throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, Capitas Financial has grown into the largest point-of-sale brokerage organization in the country.

As a specialized insurance partner, our goal is to expand your service capability and revenue potential, while minimizing the time and energy required on your part to achieve that expansion.


Disability Insurance Desk

Disability Insurance helps protects clients’ dreams and financial goals in the event of an accident or disability. The Capitas DI Center and Global DI offer a fully integrated suite of products, services and resources. Capitas DI Center and Global DI support the entire sales process from quotes and pre-underwriting to carrier and product selection, underwriting and policy delivery.