Private Wealth


Capitas’ team of nationally recognized experts working with Capitas local Point of Sale professionals to provide sophisticated, unbiased insurance solutions.

Capitas Differentiator in Ultra High Net Worth Market

Local Capitas Point of Sale professionals are supported by an industry leading nationally recognized Private Wealth team. The Capitas Private Wealth Team of “Special Ops” experts enable a wide range of insight and expertise related to Wealth Transfer & Estate Planning, Business Planning & Executive Benefits, High Limit Disability, Underwriting, Private Placement, Sports and Entertainment, Foreign National Capabilities and Premium Finance. We understand that a highly customized approach is required for the needs of today's Ultra High Net Worth Clients. Through this industry leading collaboration of local and national resources, we can develop strategies that address their specific unique planning objectives and needs.


Business Insurance

Versatile as it is, life insurance is an indispensable strategic tool: for business owners, for its utility in business continuity/succession planning and estate planning, as a form of compensation to attract and retain talent, and as a means to protect employers against the loss of key employees.

Capitas Financial’s Business Insurance experts have many years of consulting experience with primary emphasis on the tax and financial considerations affecting the creation, preservation and perpetuation of wealth.  They focus on business exit planning, business succession, business valuations and business value enhancement, personal and financial risk management and gift and estate planning for business owners and high net worth individuals and their families.


Executive Benefits

Capitas’ Executive Benefit Solutions (EBS) practice specializes in the design, implementation, and administration of executive benefit plans. The consultants and technical specialists analyze and create plans and financing solutions to meet the needs of both public and privately held companies as well as non-profit organizations. Benefit programs are strategically crafted to align with overall compensation philosophies and financial objectives. The team includes professionals with expertise in the areas of tax, accounting, law, actuarial science, and finance. The EBS practice is a leader in the design and administration of executive benefit programs, as well as the financing arrangements associated with these plans.


Foreign Nationals

Purchasing life insurance for foreign nationals is different than domestic life insurance when it comes to parts of the underwriting process. An important factor in Foreign National underwriting is the country of origin in which they maintain their citizenship and the amount of time there versus in the United States. Other variations are the potential insureds purpose for being in the United States, their ties to the United States (property, business ownership etc.) and other assets. The client might need personal life insurance for individual planning or business needs or would like to maintain assets, business ownership or property in the United States tying the potential insured to the United States.

Capitas Financial’s Foreign National experts provide custom tailored solutions for estate planning, family generational planning and business succession with a focus on ultra-high net worth clients, foreign national solutions and high income individuals. Their understanding of the laws and issues facing high net worth individuals in international countries provides financial institutions a knowledgeable planning back office unlike any general agency platform in the industry. They provide support to their high net worth clients and their insurance planning needs.


High Limit Disability Income

High Limit Disability Income typically involves clients with incomes equal to or exceeding $600,000 in annual income. These clients work in a vast array of jobs within varying industries. High Limit Disability Income involves traditional risk, non- traditional risk and contingency risk. Capitas Financial utilizes carriers and cover holders to develop the best solution for each client on a “client by client” basis. Details vary from client to client so each case is worked on independently to fit and solve the protection needs of each client.

The Capitas DI Center, Global DI and The Westport Group are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable disability insurance wholesalers in the country. Their primary goal is to serve client relationships with independent agents, brokers and financial planners. Ultimately, they will help uncover opportunities and provide income protection expertise when you are delivering financial solutions.


Premium Finance

Premium financing offers your clients an alternative method of paying life insurance premiums. Rather than using or liquidating current assets, the funds needed to pay premiums are borrowed from a commercial lender so that the client’s investment portfolio or other assets can remain intact. Premium Financing is a unique opportunity for wealthy individuals to utilize/leverage their net worth and liquidity in order to obtain insurance while minimally impacting their current cash flow.

Capitas Financial’s Premium Finance experts have extensive experience placing large and complex transactions, and our relationships with lenders get difficult cases completed quickly. Utilize our extensive resources and back office so you don’t have to develop these capabilities yourself and can be freed up to move on to the next opportunity.


Private Placement

Private Placement is a private alternative to issuing, or selling, a publicly offered security as a means for raising capital. In a private placement, both the offering and sale of debt or equity securities is made between a business, or issuer, and a select number of investors. There may be as few as one investor for any issue.

Our Private Placement experts can meet the needs specific to financial advisors in the highly affluent market for private placements. They are experts in product development, investment options, and sales positioning. And are leaders in wealth structuring solutions with private placement.


Sports & Entertainment

Capitas Financial has partnered with life and disability insurance carriers and associations to develop superior high limit coverage for high net worth clients, including those involved in the sports and entertainment fields. Clients who have careers in these areas need advisors who can partner with insurance consultants that specialize in coverage for athletes, entertainers and others representing this exclusive field.

Capitas Financial’s Sports and Entertainment Division has significant experience working with advisors and their athlete and entertainer clients. Capitas Financial is committed to providing “Sophisticated, Unbiased Solutions” to successfully meet the needs and goals of the client.



When it comes to replacing the lost income of high earners, traditional insurance planning is often times inadequate. High net worth individuals have different needs when it comes to their insurance coverage. Capitas Financial offers concierge level service, and fully customizable insurance planning to meet the unique, and often demanding needs of higher net worth households.

Our Underwriting experts works closely with Capitas principals, marketing and new business staff, as well as point of sale, providing support of field underwriting pre-sale questions and informal and formal life insurance application processing. They assist in reviewing medical and financial information of impaired risk, rated and declined life insurance applicants and provide recommendations on how best to present and submit client applications in order to obtain the best offer, product, pricing and placement.


Wealth Transfer & Estate Planning

Wealth Transfer and Estate Planning is the process of creating an organized plan for your client’s assets during their lifetime and deciding what should happen to those assets upon their passing or incapacitation. Estate planning is greater than just scripting a will; it is a complex planning process including topics such as trusts, business succession, tax planning, life insurance, philanthropic gifts, final expense planning and much else. When it is done thoughtfully and completely, it can help alleviate potential family conflicts, ensure that their estate is given to their intended heirs, and minimize taxation. Life insurance has many well-known advantages, but it also has a role to play in estate planning that reaches past pure standard of living fortification.

Capitas Financial’s Wealth Transfer & Estate Planning experts are frequently called upon by professional advisors across the country to assist them with their high net worth clients. They are extremely knowledgeable in the complex area of wealth transfer strategies and legacy planning for high net worth families.